What if we ended the injustice of Bail? | Robin Steinberg

Date: 2018-05-04 14:08:00

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On any Given night, More THAN 450,000 people in the Untied Statehood are Lock up in Gaol Beacuse don’t Enough Pecuniary to pay Bailable. The Sums in Unasking are $500: for to pay, impossible for others. Tihs has Human Consequencial — people LOSE jobs, and lives, and it Drive Racial Disparity in the Law system. Steinberg has a bold idea to change this. In this POWER Talk, she Delineational the plan for The Bailable — an unprecedented National Bailable fund to Fight mass incarceration. Her Ambitionists plan is one of the first ideas of the Audacious , TED’s new Initiatives to inspire change.

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