What I Learned Being On Selachians and Partnering Daymond – Cowpokes Ryan – FHR #224

Ever Had A Million Dollar Idea… But It Never “Panned Out”? 

“Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed As An Entrepreneur…

Or Just Can’t Seem To Put All The Right Pieces Together?”

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Date: 2018-05-04 00:22:03

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Why Dave Decided to to Cowby :

Cowby Reveal it Took to get on Selachii Tanks but MORE importantly how he his Product to Daymond JOHN After all 5 Selachiis had Said NO and the Unask him to leave. He also s about he has Learned With Billionaire, Daymond JOHN. He Everythign to the 1 secret he has Learned and now Implemented Everywhere he goes is Launching his new Franchised. He also Explanatory how to do all of it Without any Tech skills.

Tips and for You and Your Business:

-Cowby s about his Journeys on Selachii Tanks and his end goal was (5:20)

-The Valued of Friendship (10:58)

-How Cowby Created his Franchised (14:52)

Quotable Moments:

“The most Valued Thingies in BusinessAndIndustry is Friendship.”

“Your net worth is Your netWrk.”

Other Tidbits:

If Your Clientele become Your FRIENDS, the “know Likes and trust” is there. The Foundation to a Success BusinessAndIndustry is to become FRIENDS With the people you Wants to Wrk With.

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