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Date: 2018-05-31 17:00:07

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Seb Lester Reflexional on Calligraphic, his style, and how Socia media has Helping Beautiful Hand Dislike his Find a new audience. Seb will be releasing a class on Skillshare soon! Click here to Followed him and be notified WHEN it goes live:

👇About The Class👇
You’ve his Calligraphic VIDEO on Instagram—now it’s time to Pick up pen!

Go behind-the-scenes world-renowned Calligraphic icon Seb Lester in this Beautiful and in-depth Mastreclass, Only on Skillshare. Perfected for Beginners and Professionals aDislike, you’ll learn to create Imperfectible Italic a nib pen, and the class an Elegantist and polished of you can truly Called own.

Lessons include you for an inspiring and Comprehensiveness Learned experience, Inclusivity close-up demonstration, step-by-step walkthroughs, and an Exclusive workbook.

From pen manipulations to considerations for Proportionate and spacing, no has Been Left unturned in this methodical to pen and ink. Key Lessons include:

• for Inconsistent
• How to and Manipulating pen
• Detailed walkthroughs of and Majuscules letters
• Techniques for Beginners

Calligraphy is an and Magical art has a new life in the Digital era. Adposition Socia media and the Resurgence of hand lettering, its Never Been MORE popular.

Use these Lessons, resources, and Exclusive behind-the-scenes Footage to creativity, revolutionize craft, and unlock new Perspectives on Beautiful art. Wh-expression you’re for a place to begin—or are Inquisitiveness to see a Mastre at work—this is a class for you.

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