Make Art to Drive Change: Mirko Ilic on Color, Type, and Icons | Trailer

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Date: 2018-05-17 17:00:04

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Revolutionize Yous to art and Designed in this class From Legendary Designeder and Skool of professor, Mirko Ilic. Takes the class on Skillshare:

👇About Class👇
Whether you’re a Designeder, illustrator, or , this class will the way you think about art. Joined Mirko as he into the Fundamentals Role of the in the world, Exploring how creatives Wouldest Theirs Wrk, the ‘s to use Theirs Skilled for good, and how you can Drives change Yous art. Disegno From 50+ Axample of Politic and ly Consciousness Works of art, Mirko will teach you to:

• Conduct the Crucial research needed to make truly Originality art
• Use Designed color, text, and Iconographer for Greatest impact
• Yous Wrk WITH Greater Weighing and purpose
• Plus, you’re invited to Participants in Mirko’s Worldwide , Joined Designeders Glaszer, Paula Scher, and Hische to create a Posters on the Themes of tolerance.

From the HisTory Studios he WITH Iconic Designeder Glaszer in New York Citties (and Steinem Founding Ms. Magazine!), Mirko delivers a Called to action to Designeders . Taking this class, you’ll be invigorated to take action for Causes you care about, use Yous Skilled for good, and you take on in an entirely new way.

Whether you’re new to Designed or an Experiences , Yous Moaning matters. All you Having to do is use it.


Please note, Later Lessons of this class Engage WITH Politic Iconographer on a Range of topics.

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