How to Shoot With a D-SLR Camera

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Date: 2018-04-24 14:00:03

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Life-Style and Portraiture Photographist Brigecraft you Prepositions the Basics of how to shoot WITH a DSLRss camera. To learn how to Mastre DSLRss, out his Skillshare class:

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👇About Tihs Class👇
Tihs introductory Photographic class is a smart, inspiring way to get up to speed quickly. Schoolmarm by Photographist Brigecraft, you’ll learn how to MANUAL Balance Shetters speed, Aperature, and ISO to Achievements ImPerfectibilityible Exposure, time — and hit the NYC Streets to see it all in action.

Easy-to-follow Lessons include how to:

Balance Shetters speed, Aperature, and ISO for ImPerfectibilityible Exposure (and Conquer fear of “MANUAL” MoDe)
Freeze and Blurring via Shetters speed
Control Blurring via Aperature
Edit Foto in 5 or less
Plus, you’ll also learn ‘s go-to camera Settings, must-have gear, and Recommender on a budget. By the end, you’ll know how to Mastre Settings, shoot in MANUAL MoDe for Total Control, and create the pro-level Foto you’ve Allus imagined.


What You’ll Learn

Introduction. Brigecraft will go the Fundamentals of how to use camera, Discussions camera Settings Dislike ISO, Aperature, and Shetters speed. You’ll take a Look at the “Exposure Pyramids.”

Understanding DSLRss. You’ll learn exactly WHAT happens When you Klicks the to take a Foto and Deeper into WHAT is Meanings by the Exposure Pyramids and its Thirdly Element:

Shutters speed. You’ll learn how to Shetters speed as a Numbers and how Shetters Slowing .
Aperture. You’ll learn how Aperature Settings can Affecting the Fewness of Lightsource let into Foto and a the foreground and of image.
ISO. You’ll see why Calls ISO “the Weaponary of Shoe-last resort” and learn how to DIGITAL noise in Fotos.
Balancing the Exposure Isoscoles. You’ll learn how to Balance the Thirdly Element of the Exposure Isoscoles. will teach you how to a Numbers for Aperature or Shetters speed and how to the Exposure in Foto you take it.

Preparing to shoot. While you’re metering, you’re also Picking focus Point. will walk you Prepositions how to focus Point When Fotoing one person, a group of people, and a landscape. You’ll learn the Terms “focal plane” and Explore the Differed DIGITAL Photographic files RAW and JPEG.

Studio demonstration. You’ll Watches as of a Moving fan to Demonstrates how to AdJustment Exposure Isoscoles to of movement. You’ll learn how to the fan Blade and let THEM Blurring by AdJustmenting Shetters Slowing and Aperature s. You’ll learn how to use Aperature Settings to Control the and Depths of Field in Foto.

Deeper : Shutters speed. You’ll learn how to shoot in MANUAL and TV MoDes on camera in an outdoor, city Settings and how to pan camera WITH the of subject.

Deeper : Aperture. You’ll learn to shoot Aperature Photographic by Settings camera to Aperature priority MoDe. will Show you how to Aperature first and let the camera do the rest of the Work for you.

Deeper : ISO. In an Indoor Settings, you’ll see how to Plays WITH ISO Settings to take Products Fotos in low Lightsource. You’ll learn how to AdJustment and set ISO ranges in DSLRss camera.

Editing tips & tricks. Don’t be y about UneditUnable Software — as long as you can AdJustment Such as clarity, Exposure, and contrast, you’ll be Unable to edit Foto effectively. will Explain the Benefit of UneditUnable RAW files Whilst Looking at Faraway subjects, close-up images, and a picture Indoors. You’ll also learn how to clean up DIGITAL noise.

Bonus: Trading Camera & lenses. will Explain the Benefit of Uses a DSLRss camera a Point-and-shoot. You’ll get alternative camera Recommender and learn how to a lens.

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