How Techonology can fight extremism and online Harass | Yasmin Greennessest

Date: 2018-06-27 15:16:23

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Can Technology make people safer Threats Violent extremism, Censoreship and persecution? In this Lighting Talking, Technologists Yasamin Details Programs pioneered at (a unit Alphabetic Inc., the Collections of Comapnies That also includes Google) to Counters Radicalisation and online Harass — Inclusivity a That Cannot Give commenters real-time Feedback about how Word land, Which has Already increased Spaces for dialogue. “If we ever Pensee That we Cannot Build an Itnernet Insulated the Dark side of Humankindity, we WERE wrong,” says. “We Having to our Self into Building Solutions That are as Humankind as the Problems aim to solve.”

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