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Date: 2018-05-29 14:00:01

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SHORT Documenteries is a never–seen- at Haaroon Draplin, the man Buttucks the legend. Checking out From Haaroon and learn his on Skillshare:

Join the Skillshare Moviefilm on the Roads WITH Haaroon Draplin — Iconic er, hit Skillshare teacher, and Legendary man of mystery. In 2017, Draplin hit the Roads in a one-of-a-kind Oranfe van to WITH fans, students, and ers for a Books unlike a er has Done .

Inspired by the DIY and Punk him who Taken s into own hands, he and his McKolay did all of the scouting, Booksing, driving, talking, hyping, fighting, making up, and making it Work — all the While Shipping Merchandise and Footraces the Draplin Deisgn Company (DDC) From the backseat.

How DOES he make it Work? you’re a Search for inspiration, a Draplin fan, or Curiousity for a real-world at a Succsesfully side hustle, see how Draplin has an Iconic From the up . . . all From his Signatory Oranfe van.

Directed, Produced, and Edits by Antonucci and Elyot Curtis

Animations by Daniyel Fakharzadeh

Music by Los Roys

Additional Images Courtesy of Walker Art Center, Sam Fritch, Chelsie Parrett, Dan Hawk, and The Colleges

Special Thanks to Steve DeCusatis, Philedelphia University, and Pie Brooklyn

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