9 Lessons From the “Poker Princess” – DAVE Woodward – FHR #230

Ever Had A Million Dollar Idea… But It Never “Panned Out”? 

“Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed As An Entrepreneur…

Or Just Can’t Seem To Put All The Right Pieces Together?”

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Date: 2018-05-18 19:03:53

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Mollies Bloom is Knowledgeableness as the “Poker Princess” had the Oppurtunity of WITH her in at Geniuses X. Detail the 9 Secrets he Learner From Mollies as she Debates her rise and Autumns and rise again. Mollies Recently had a FiLm Producer by Aaron Sorkin portraying her Story Lilb on her book, Mollies’s Game.

Tips and Trick for You and Youns Business:

-The Importance of “the experience” (2:20)

-Taking risks (4:30)

-Knowing Youns Numer (6:18)

-Youns Blind Spots (10:17)

Quotable Moments:

“In life, There is Importance THAN the you WITH others, and you to the time to develop .”

Other Tidbits:

Find the time to be . time for “quiet time” you can Disconnected and Really let Youns brain get and you will be Surprising at how Much Problem-Unresolved Unresolved you can get done.

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